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wildlife warriors of Hawai`i

Mid-Pacific Institute Community Partnership

Mid Pacific Institute STEM Humanities class is working hard developing podcasts to educate their listeners about wildlife, habitats, and human impact. With mentorship from our edu crew, groups of students are researching different conservation threats and are producing engaging podcasts to help protect our wild world! We are SO proud of the students’ work! Take a listen to what our wildlife warriors are speaking up for…

Palm Oil

Elilai & Alex

Explore the world of palm oil, sustainability, and community.


Jaime, Chris, & Madison

Three 10th grade students discuss how micro-plastics are affecting ecosystems and our lives.

Canadian Marmot Recovery Efforts

Akira & Torin

Two grade 10 students explore the reasons why the Vancouver Island Marmot is going extinct and what is being done to stop it.

the Pueo

Miles & Luke

Endangered Species & the SSP

Pheobe, Shar, & Laulea

Explore endangered species conservation efforts of the Honolulu Zoo and Zoos around the world.

Albizia: a menace in plain sight

Evan & Spencer

A dominating, invasive tree species may be an alternative to affordable, local lumber.


Nainoa & Miles

Coral reefs provide the community with air, food, ocean health, and good surf – how do we keep it safe?

Mangroves in Hawai‘i

Shafer, Zac, & Rease

Brought to Hawai`i for shoreline support, a tree that covers 25 acres of our land is slowly destroying our brackish water ways.

Care A Whole Lot

Coloring Worksheets

Care A Whole Lot is an environmental art non-profit project developed for artists to submit art of endangered and extinct species for the purpose to share and spread awareness.
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