Animal Health Center

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Animal Health Center

The Honolulu Zoo’s Animal Health Center was completed in late 2005. It is our first purpose built animal hospital. The main building encompasses around 7,000 square feet with a separate 700 square foot quarantine building.

The new hospital provides an efficient medical facility which enables us to provide excellent medical care for our zoo animals. We have separate areas to provide treatment, intensive care, nursery, surgery, x-ray, isolation, laboratory services, animal holding, postmortem, and quarantine. Interior animal hospital rooms allow us to separate mammals, birds, and reptiles. Pools in the floors of the animal rooms allow us to house aquatic animals.

The Animal Health Center was built in the Monsarrat and Paki corner of the zoo grounds which allows us to separate sick and/or quarantined animals from the rest of the zoo. The orientation of rooms within the building and external barriers reduce disturbance coming from the nearby streets.

The ground space surrounding the hospital was large enough that displaced “browse gardens” could be relocated to allow continued cultivation of edible feedstuffs.