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School Field Trips

Aloha! We apologize for the inconvenience – we are not accepting large group reservations until further notice. Please check our social media (@hzs_education) or our website for changes.
For any future reservations submitted, you will receive a tentative confirmation.
Mahalo nui!
Reserved School Group Rates (Field Trips)

please have the final headcount ready for the cashier at the time of payment

effective December 1, 2018, the admission fees for school group field trips are as follows:

School Groups (Public and Private Schools: Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE), Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS), Head Start, Homeschools, Preschools)

  • school Child (Pre-K to 6th Grade) $2.00 each
  • school Child (7th Grade to 12th Grade) $4.00 each
  • school Adult (including teachers and chaperones) $8.00 each

Non-School Group Rates (Scout Troops, After-school Groups, Summer Camps, Church Groups, Non-profit Groups)

  • school Child (Pre-K to 6th Grade) $4.00 each
  • school Child (7th Grade to 12th Grade) $8.00 each
  • school Adult (including teachers and chaperones) $8.00 each

Out-of-State Groups (General Admission Rates)

  • school Child (Pre-K to 6th Grade) $11.00 each
  • school Child (7th Grade to 12th Grade) $19.00 each
  • school Adult (including teachers and chaperones) $19.00 each

Honolulu City and County Parks and Recreation Summer Fun

call For Rates: 808.971.7195


  • fees are payable by cash, check, or charge (Visa and MasterCard only).  purchase orders and personal checks are not accepted
  • please make all entrance fees payable to “The City and County of Honolulu”
  • no refunds will be given for checks written over the amount owed at time of entrance
Self-Guided Field Trips Reservations Policies

There is no restriction on how many groups visit per day, please consider your completed reservation as a confirmation for your visit. You will NOT be receiving an email.

  • please make field trip reservations at least two weeks prior to your visit date
  • student safety is important to us at the Honolulu Zoo, we require a minimum ratio of 1:10  adult per students ratio regardless of age group
  • shoes must be worn at all times while on Zoo grounds
  • we DO NOT have facilities for storing lunches
  • if you would like to visit the Keiki Zoo on your field trip please enter your request in the “special requests/comments” section of your field trip submission
  • please make payment the day of your field trip (we accept cash, visa/master, check [please make payable to “The Honolulu Zoo”])

After completing your reservation be sure to download the appropriate confirmation packet before exiting the screen. Packets are to be filled out by the group leader and can be used as an invoice. A completed packet is required for Zoo entry on the day of your visit.

Add a unique educational presentation to your Zoo visit! Our Zoo Educators will present select topics in our Zoo Classroom, Hale `Imi Ike. After wards your group will be taken on a mini Zoo-venture to a relevant exhibit! Book this program to learn more about our Zoo `ohana during your visit!

  • $85/group of 25 participants
  • $3/ additional participant
  • Title I schools are free!
Program duration:
  • 60 minutes
Program Topics:

Reservations can be made with our Education Coordinator by calling the main line, or sending an email request to

Get the most out of your Zoo excursion with a Guided Tour of some of the popular areas of our zoo!

Be led by our Educators through the most popular area of the Zoo and learn fun and interesting facts about the animals that call the Honolulu Zoo home. Our Educators not only have an extensive knowledge of all things Zoo but know how to present to students and chaperones of all ages. Tours highlight key vocabulary and concepts that meet Next Generation Science Standards and fulfill requirements of most animal-related scouting badges. Educators also share information about our animals’ unique personalities, carry along bio-facts and provide students the opportunity to ask questions.

choose from the tours below!

Welcome to the Zoo!
Animals Covered on Tour: American Flamingo, Spoonbill and Ibis, King Vulture, Sloth, Golden Lion Tamarin, Crowned Pigeon, Green Iguana, Birds of Paradise, Nicobar Pigeon, Bleeding Heart Dove, Myna Birds, Great Argus Pheasant, Wrinkled Hornbills, Parrot Row, Kookaburra, Hawaiian Hawk, Nene

Island Inhabitants
Lar Gibbon, Ring-tailed lemurs, Siamang Gibbons, Sumatran Tiger, Galapagos Tortoise, Komodo Dragon, Nene, Pueo

Reptile Roundabout
Gharial, Aldabra Tortoises, Japanese Giant Salamanders, Sun Bear, Kamehameha Butterflies, Crocodile Monitor Lizards, Tegu, Burmese Python, Poison Dart Frog, Green Iguana, Elongated Tortoise, New Caledonian Gecko, Radiated Tortoise

African Wild Dogs, Black Rhinoceros, Meerkat, Hamadryas Baboon, Fennec Fox, Lion, African Crested Porcupine, Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah, African Penguin, Hippo


please request a guided tour under “special requests/comments” on your field trip submission

guided tours are 45 min in length.
Monday – Saturday by reservation only


$75.00 for the first 25 participants, $3 per additional participant.

we accommodate up to 100 participants in a day

reservations are made on a first come first serve basis and subject to staff and animal availability

please make reservations at most, 3 months in advance to your visiting date

please note for all tours and education programs there is a 15 minute grace period.  if you have not arrived within 15 minutes of your start time, we reserve the right to cancel your program.

admission fees to the zoo are separate from Education Program fees

if you have scheduled an educational tour or program, you must have 2 separate checks, one for admission into the Zoo, the other for your scheduled program

Questions or cancellation?

please contact us

Education Department

Phone: 808.926.3191 ext. 2


Honolulu Zoological Society – Education Department
151 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu,HI 96815

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