Virtual ZOOm-to-You

lots of educational fun

Virtual ZOOm-to-You!

We are holding live ZOOm-to-You sessions that include a presentation, bio-facts, teacher resources, and lots of educational fun with one of our Zoo Educators!

Below is what a ZOOm-to-You looks like!

  • Platform: ZOOM
  • Host: HZS Education, Co-host: Teacher
  • 45 min – 1 hour
  • $60 per program
  • 25 maximum participants per session
  • Free for HDOE Title I (Donations welcome!)
    • (limitations: 2 free presentations per instructional school year; August – May)

ZOOm-to-You Sessions

Get a head start on animal classification and find out what makes mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians so unique!

Journey around the world to visit exotic environments and learn how amazing animals have different adaptations to survive. Discover how different adaptations can lead to new species, and understand that there are simple things everyone can do to save animals from extinction.

Hawai`i is like nowhere else on Earth. Meet animals that have crossed entire oceans to find this island paradise! Discover the contributions that the first people have made to Hawai`i’s ecosystem, and understand how to help protect the animals that make Hawai`i so unique.

Understand food webs, the nutrient cycle, and the impact that animal diets can have on an ecosystem. Also learn about some of the eats enjoyed by our very own animals at the Honolulu Zoo.


For an optimal experience, the program has been developed for group sizes of up to 25 participants. For a group of up to 25 participants, the program rate is $60. For large group requests, please email

25 participants per program is translated as 25 individuals; if there are two or more participants in the login, these are considered additional participants.

Each program runs 45 – 60 minutes depending on questions from the participants.

Title One schools may receive up to two free programs per instructional school year (August – May). After the third program has been scheduled, there is a discount applied on each program scheduled thereafter.

We do not offer combined tours, however, you are more than welcome to book multiple programs for different times/dates! If you have a special request to develop a tour for your group we offer a custom presentation for $300!

Due to our high volume of requests, we provide a 15-minute grace period for your group to join. If your group is running late, please reach out to or call 808.926.3191 ext. 3. If the program is cancelled, we will try our best to reschedule your program. Mahalo nui for your understanding.

If your class is interested in scheduling a virtual ZOOm-to-You with us, please fill out the below information: