Virtual Guided Tours!

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African Savanna I: Africa is vast, and this journey takes guests through the Mauka side of the Honolulu Zoo’s African Savanna. Traverse from the shaded woodlands to the mazelike formations of the Kopje rocks, marveling at the amazing assortment of birds and mammals that await!

Animals covered: African Wild Dogs, Black Rhinoceros, Hooded Vulture, Red-crested Turaco, Chimpanzee, Southern Ground-hornbill, Marabou Stork, Meerkats, Fennec Fox, Hamadrayas Baboon, Lion, African Crested Porcupine

African Savanna II: The safari continues through the Makai side of  the African Savanna, with iconic inhabitants of Africa’s grasslands and up-close looks at the inhabitants of the continent’s waterways.

Animals covered: Cheetahs, Zebra, Giraffe, Bongo Antelope, Crowned-cranes, Great Pelican, Sacred Ibis, Flamingo, Aardvark, Warthog, Hippo, Penguins

Islands Expedition: Our unique island zoo is abundant with unique island species! Explore the Honolulu Zoo’s rich history caring for these creatures – from Hawai`i’s native species, to exotic animals that can be found throughout the Pacific Rim. .

Animals covered: Galapagos Tortoise, Sloth, Golden Lion Tamarin, Flamingos, Nene, Pueo, Manu o Ku, Pulelehua, Amastra Snail, Birds of Paradise, Wrinkle Hornbill, Komodo Dragon, Sumatran Tiger

Ectotherm Exploration: Ectotherms…cold-blooded creatures.  Hawai`i’s climate is uniquely suited to help these animals thrive, and at the Ectotherm Complex, you can encounter these animals that are almost alien to us, from miniscule invertebrates, to titanic reptiles!

Animals covered: Komodo dragon, Galapagos tortoise, elongated & south American red-footed tortoise, gharial, Japanese giant salamander, Kamehameha butterfly, Hawaiian ground snails, crocodile monitor lizards, poison dart frog, white’s tree frog, tegu lizard, burmese python, ball python, elongated & pancake tortoise hatchlings, matamata turtle

Keiki Zoo: From cows to crabs, meet the residents of our Keiki Zoo to discover their relationships with humans and get a glimpse of what it takes for keepers to keep these creatures healthy and happy.

Animals covered: coconut crab, koi fish, matamata turtle, radiated tortoises, royal palm turkey, silkie chickens, zebu cattle, Holstein dairy cow, miniature horse, Kona knightingale donkey, African dwarf goats, African four-toed hedgehog


  • Price: $60 per group of up to 25 participants
  • Free for HDOE Title I (Donations welcome!)
    • (limitations: 2 free presentations per instructional school year; August – May)
  • # of participants: 25 max
  • Platform: ZOOm
  • Host: HZS
  • Co-host: Teacher/coordinator


How many participants can we have and how much does it cost?

For an optimal experience, the program has been developed for group sizes of up to 25 participants. For a group of up to 25 participants, the program rate is $60. For large group requests, please email

Does the 25 participant limit mean 25 people or 25 logins?

25 participants per program is translated as 25 individuals; if there are two or more participants in the login, these are considered additional participants.

How long is each program?

Each program runs 45 – 60 minutes depending on questions from the participants.

Is it a live tour?

Our programs include pre-recorded video content while a Zoo Educator presents to the group live – the live educator guides the group through the pre-recorded Zoo exhibits, asks engaging questions along the way, pauses for question breaks, and shares biofacts.

Do you offer any special discounts?

Title One schools may receive up to two free programs per instructional school year (August – May). After the third program has been scheduled, there is a discount applied on each program scheduled thereafter.

Can we combine tours/programs?

We do not offer combined tours, however, you are more than welcome to book multiple programs for different times/dates! If you have a special request to develop a tour for your group we offer a custom presentation for $300!