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When it rains it pours!

Help us raise $3,000 for rain shelters and you can keep dry too!
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Check our new Survival Outreach Program.

Bring the Zoo to your school. To make reservations call 808-926-3191 Ext. 151

Giving Tree

Support the Zoo with a unique gift or donation!
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Meerkats Photo: Bryan Thompson

Zoo License Plate

Show your support for the zoo while driving!

The Honolulu Zoo Society has joined the City and County of Honolulu's Organization License Plates/Decal Program. This program benefits non-profit organizations that provide programs to improve the public's education or general welfare. Every time you re-register your vehicle, $20 of the organization plate fee will come to the Honolulu Zoo Society.

Zoo license

Join this important fundraising effort by printing and filling out the application form at Application/Replacement form for the Organization License Plates/Decal(s) and bringing it to a Satellite City Hall. You will need to surrender the last issued Certificate of Registration for the vehicle that you with to be issued an organization license plate/decal. Show other drivers you support the important education programs of the Honolulu Zoo Society!