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Holiday Enrichment 2002 Videos

Christmas 2002 Animal Enrichment for our elephants involved elaborately decorated pine trees with pineapple slices, popcorn, cherry tomatoes and peanuts. Vaigai and Mari ate the treats and then ate the trees!


Our chimps had a wonderful Christmas too. This first video show the preparation of their exhibit by having volunteers placing large wrapped presents all over. In addition, a Christmas tree with popcorn decorations is placed in the middle of the exhibit.


This video shows the chimps running out to see their presents and to eagerly open them. The large wrapped presents contained food, stuffed animals, toys, magazines and clothing. The boxes were stuffed with newspaper to make the hunt for the goodies more exciting .


Our youngest chimp Puiwa is 3 years old and acts like a typical child his age at Christmas. This video shows him having a great time!