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New Security Cameras for the Elephants

The Honolulu Zoo is adding video technology to improve safety and provide convenience for our elephants and zookeepers. Zookeepers will soon have the ability to monitor our elephants as they go in and out through our massive hydraulic doors. For years our zoo has had to use multiple people to watch as the elephants enter or exit the gates, shouting to each other to close and open the gates as the elephants walk through them. This was a very inefficient way of doing things and was also not the safest.

Thanks to these new security cameras sturdy enough for use around animals, one person will now be able to manage Honolulu Zoo’s entire elephant system of fourteen hydraulic gates saving on manpower and improving operational safety. According to Zoo Director Dr. Baird Fleming, “Most people don’t realize what an intricate operation we run here at the zoo. Safety additions like security cameras in the right places can make things much safer and more efficient for our crew to manage the almost 900 animals we have in our collection.”

More examples of how security cameras are being implemented at zoos nationwide can be found in this article.