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Zoofari 2015

The “Growing Wild” theme celebrates children, plants, and animals growing up together in this magical place we call the Honolulu Zoo. Saturday, November 21, 2015 at the Waialae Country Club.
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It continues to pour so they asked for more...

The Zoo staff have been so happy with our all-volunteer-constructed rain shelters that they asked for 10 more units!
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... and get a lemur of your own!
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Zoo in the News

Honolulu Zoo Children's Discovery Forest Receives Public & Private Funding Exhibit Reconnects Urban Visitors with the Hawaiian Forest

Children plant seedlings at the Discovery Forest.

The Hawai'i Forest Institute (HFI) recently received grants from the City & County of Honolulu Department of Community Services and DLNR Division of Forestry & Wildlife and US Forest Service Kaulunani Urban Forestry Program for the Polynesian-introduced Zone of the Honolulu Zoo Children's Discovery Forest. Other project funders are Hawai'i Tourism Authority, Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, Cooke Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation, Hawai'i Forest Industry Association, and the Pettus Foundation.


Zoo In the Media

Sloths paired up at the Honolulu Zoo

Chicken at the Honolulu Zoo plays the piano

Big Island donkeys find home at Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo features three cute ferrets

9-year-old Siena Spagnoli raises money for the Honolulu Zoo with her "Chalk It Up" gear

Honolulu Zoo’s new bongo antelopes delight visitors

Going Wild: Komodo dragon

Going Wild: Nene at the Honolulu Zoo

Going Wild: Giraffes at the Honolulu Zoo

Going Wild: Tortoises at the Honolulu Zoo

Going Wild: Colorful flamingos of the Honolulu Zoo

Going Wild: Slithery, scaly skinks

Going Wild: Gharials, distance crocodile relative

Honolulu Zoo holds Mother's Day event to help primates in paradise

Going Wild: Bubo the barn owl

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